About Me

20160913_105755Hi! I created this blog so I could blab on about some of my favorite things to talk about: health and fitness. And to tell you about all the things that come with the territory that make my brain explode. I mean, why is it so hard for me to figure out what to eat before and after a workout? Do I really need an electronic device wrapped around my wrist to tell me to move more?

Chances are that it’s making your head spin, too.

Seriously, there is some really confusing information out in the ether that can turn off someone who is just beginning to make healthy lifestyle changes. And that’s not cool.

I’m not a doctor, or a fitness instructor. I work on a website for a publishing company and write in my free time so you won’t find medical advice here.  Hopefully, you will learn from my mistakes, or at least find humor in your own journey toward your own goals, whether that’s optimal health; getting the body of a god; or becoming a better athlete.

I am a new mother to a beautiful baby girl and I’m married to an awesome guy. I’ve been playing roller derby for the past five years, which is what ultimately got me craving to be more healthy, more fit and a better person in general (more on that later). Now, I love trying new workouts, running, skating, cooking and buying workout clothes (I have more workout clothes than “real life” clothes).

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