One fumbling step at a time toward a better me

“Whatever success you want to create, whatever feats you want to achieve, whatever dreams you can make real, you can, and you don’t have to do impossible, extraordinary things to make them happen. But you have to do something.” – Jeff Olson, “The Slight Edge”

I’m proud of myself.

Anyone who knows me knows that those words don’t easily come off my tongue. But it sure feels good saying it! In fact, I feel good all around because I’ve made some positive changes in my life and I’m starting to see the payoff.

Jeff Olson’s “The Slight Edge” got me into this better place – and I just started making little tweaks to my daily routine a few weeks ago. I’ve upped my fitness and endurance by consistently sticking to my workout plan; I’ve stayed away from junk food as much as possible; each day I’ve been writing at least 100 words a day and reading at least 10 pages of a good book.

Olson says we may not always be aware of it, but we are constantly faced with the choice to do the right thing or the wrong thing – a decision as mundane as choosing a salad over a cheeseburger for lunch or as big as accepting a new job offer. Learning to stay in the moment and noticing those small instances where a decision needs to be made is one of the keys to success. Eventually, Olson, says, those small moments of decision, added up over time, lead to an either positive or negative outcome.

“…That simple, seemingly insignificant error in judgment, compounded over time, will ruin your chances for success, “Olson writes. “You can count on it. That’s the choice you face every day, every hour. A simple, positive action, repeated over time. A simple error in judgment, repeated over time. So easy to do. So easy not to do.”

Living in the moment is easy to do when you have a toddler. There’s not much time to plan, let alone think ahead. Taking that “stay-in-the-present” philosophy to heart, I’ve tried to live in the moment in all aspects of my life. It’s not always easy but it makes a difference and I can’t wait to see how things progress over the next six months.

Thanks again, Universe


My temporary work station.

Of course, life always gets in the way. Can you believe when I decided to write at least 100 words per day, my daughter breaks the screen on my laptop? Ha! I admit I had a good chuckle thinking how the world was out to get me, but then I thought of something I learned from the “Slight Edge,” it’s how you react to a negative situation that separates successful people from unsuccessful people.


So I asked my husband to help me rig up the laptop to my TV screen and here I am typing on a 50-inch screen, using an old keyboard on a folding table and sitting on an ottoman. Hey, whatever it takes, right?

How do you stay on track with your goals?


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